Kurt Cobain’s Daughter Writes Birthday Note To Dad: ‘You Couldn’t Heal Yourself’


Kurt Cobain’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain wrote a birthday note to her father yesterday:

Happy birthday to my Da

I hope you are at peace.

I hope your spirit can feel.

How healing your art has been to the world.

Even if you couldn’t heal yourself, I think that’s OK.

Because your life has given more than it ever took.

What a special person you must’ve been. Rest easy. I’ll see ya when I see ya (Hopefully not too soon).

Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of iconic late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, was a guest on a recent edition of RuPaul’s podcast, What’s The Tee? On the show, she discussed on whether we will see any Nirvana-like influences on her upcoming album. She appeared to confirm that she is signed to a record label, but said she has no interest in reviving the spirit of Nirvana with her record. Alternative Nation transcribed her comments.

Frances Bean Cobain: “So like, here’s the the thing about it. I observe this a lot in my weird community of celebrity children, where so many people are trying to replicate or re-do what their parents have done. As I was telling Michelle [Visage, the co-host] earlier, I was really hesitant on calling myself a musician for a really long time because it’s my family business, it’s like becoming a doctor because your parents are doctors. It’s the same thing. Also there is kind of this dirty association with musicianship in my family just because it hasn’t ended particularly well in that realm. However, what is making me and pushing me to kind of go for it is that I don’t sound, act or am anything like my parents’ artistry. That is their own thing and what my voice sounds like is just not relevant to what they sound like at all. It just doesn’t fit into that category at all. So, just in the sense that I don’t sound like anybody else on the planet Earth when I sing is a definitive, own space that I make just by the tonality of my voice

RuPaul: Absolutely, but [you feel] that the pressure is there?

Frances: Absolutely, how do you avoid that? You can’t. So I, as opposed to trying to avoid it or shut it down I would like to have the capacity to embrace it and allow it to thrive around me but not my define my artistry.

Frances then later took the time to discuss her artistry by opening up about her music.

Frances: So when people ask me to describe what my sound is, I like to describe it as if PJ Harvey and Fiona Apple got into a fistfight that was broken up by Dolly Parton and Jeff Buckley’s crying in the corner.

As well as her status in regards to a record label:

Frances: I can’t speak on those things at the moment

RuPaul: I get it.

Frances: Let’s just say it’s put into motion.

RuPaul: Oh that’s very exciting!

Frances: Super exciting.