Blink-182 Imminent Announcement With Tom DeLonge Leaks


Blink-182 has announced the release of Funko Pop as the band celebrates 30 years Anniversary, and it features Tom DeLonge, fueling reunion rumors. It will be released on August 1 at 9AM PST as per the band’s recent Instagram story. Recently, Mark Hoppus took to his Instagram story section and posted a picture of a Blink-182 t-shirt. This has led to several fans believing the reunion might be on the cards soon. Chicago’s Q101 radio DJ recently stated that the band has an announcement on Monday.

Blink-182 Funko Pops details have been revealed

“The Enema of the State Funko Pops will be available for *PRE-ORDER* at 9 am PST through We have a limited supply. The piece restriction is (1) Per Household. Orders will NOT ship until December 1.2022. This is based on when Funko is expected to deliver the figures to our warehouse. If you order anything else with your Funko Pop those items will be held to ship on December 1st as well so I would suggest doing a separate transaction.”

The Funko Pops will also be available at various retailers including at 11am PST on August 1.2022 for *Pre-Order*

The MunkOne 30th Anniversary Screenprint is 18×24 inches. This is a timed release. Anyone can buy one on August 1st from 9am PST to 11:59pm PST. The print run will be whatever is ordered during that time. This is a *Pre-Order*and will not begin shipping until September 7.2022. Anything purchased with this poster will not ship till the poster ships or if it is another pre-sale item it will be the later date.

The “Gold” 30th Anniversary pin is limited but not to 182 pieces. One can order up to (3) per household. It has been done to ensure that hopefully everyone that wants one can get one. One person will get their pin upgraded to be an actual gold pin with diamonds in the eyes. Only (5) of these were made.

The Classic Bunny Shower Curtain is limited to (182) pieces and there is a piece restriction of (1) Per Household. Hottopic will also be releasing the Mark, Tom, and Travis Show t-shirt on August 1st at 11am. This will be a presale from You can also get the 30 Year Van Tee only from Hottopic.

Fans have also noted how Travis Barker seemingly teased a Blink-182 themed reunion in an Instagram post. He teased a Box Car Racer reunion in a new post, which was Travis and Tom DeLonge’s band in the early 2000’s.

Blink-182 has released a total of 10 studio albums and debuted with Buddha. The band was constantly releasing new songs up until 2003. After their hit album titled after the name of the band took an eight-year hiatus. They came back in 2011 with their eighth album Neighborhoods. The group has been coming back with new albums every few years or so. But, now fans are hoping that Travis’ Instagram post is hinting at a possible comeback for the classic lineup, or Box Car Racer.