LAPD Apologize For Tom Petty Confusion, 911 Call Released


The Los Angeles Police Department are now apologizing for telling CBS that Tom Petty had died. While Petty is in rough condition and according to TMZ not expected to survive the day after going into cardiac arrest, CBS’ report that he died was premature. Audio of the 911 dispatch has also been released.

Tom Petty’s wife made a desperate 911 call and told the dispatcher she needed help because her husband wasn’t breathing.

Dana York seemed confused and upset when she dialed 911 Sunday night at around 10:45 PM. The dispatcher tried to get her to administer CPR, but Dana needed help. You hear another man take the phone but then Dana takes it back.

She hears very soft breathing, tries CPR and it seems he breathes better.

TMZ broke the story, Tom was in full cardiac arrest and unconscious. He was taken to the hospital and put on life support but there was no brain activity. A chaplain came to administer last rights and he was taken off of life support.

He’s not expected to survive the day.