Tom Petty’s Daughter Attacks Rolling Stone: ‘My Dad Isn’t Dead, F*ck You!’


Tom Petty’s daughter Annakim Violette Petty (also known as Kimberly) has attacked Rolling Stone for reporting her father has died.

“@rollingstone my dad is not dead yet but your fucking magazine is ⚡️⚡️⚡️your slim😵has been pieces of tabloid dog shit. You put the worst artists on your covers do zero research. How dare you report that my father has died just to get press because your articles and photos are so dated. I will fucking shit down your throat and your family’s . Try not being a trump vibe. This is my father not a celebrity. An artist and human being. Fuck u.”

“My dad had matching stage clothes made for me as a kid this jacket still fits me made by glen Palmer from granny takes a trip when I got the call to come to the hospital I grabbed this jacket and I’m still wearing it⚡️”

“96 tears was the first song my dad taught me to play thank you for all the love this has been the longest day of my life💜”

“Please get me stoned this week I’m hanging in there dad lives matter.”

  • TNMark

    Wow she is a bastion of CLASS…….

    • VanBillsing

      She won’t back down.

      • William Marcopoulos

        Shes obviously a GOOD GIRL Loves her Pa Pa. =D

    • Dennis Orr

      Because it’s really classy to print false information about somebody’s family member. I’m sure you would handle it well if in her place.

      • Dave O’Reilly

        Based on information received from LAPD. Also was not the only media outlet to prematurely report his death. May she shit down the throats of all of the media outlets and the LAPD.

        • Chris Luurtsema

          Hey if you’re proud of being a big fish in the media covering the lives and careers of musicians and you want your credibility in tact? cover your facts/tracks before jumping the gun. Otherwise you’re just a rag nobody takes seriously anyway.

      • Kay B

        I’d handle it like an adult.

        • Chris Doucette


          • Kay B

            Listen up Chris Douche. I had my father pass away last year at a young age. The doctors clipped some esophageal varices and the clips came undone and he coughed up a bunch of blood and had to be flighted to a trauma center. Once there they finally got it under control but had to put chest tubes in. Well they nicked and artery so now he was bleeding out again. After they got that under control he had a heart attack and they did CPR but he didn’t go into full cardiac arrest so they were breaking his ribs needlessly. He recovered, went into hospice and died. I had every right to be mad. They didn’t know what they were doing. But I was an adult about my father’s death and the falsehoods the team gave me that he was going to survive and that they knew what they were doing. But I became an even bigger adult the day he past and I had to carry on and raise his grand daughter he would no longer see. So you can fuck off.

    • Patrick Sands

      wow an asshole with an opinion, what a shocker

    • Jacquie Thielen

      Because she isn’t under the most duress you can be under. Your comment is ignorant and useless.

      • Alfred James

        Sounds like ignorant and useless describes your life

  • Victor Ortiz

    I agree fuck rolling stone magazine i stopped buying your magazines 20 years ago! You do anything just to sell your shitty magazine ill take a shit and wipe my ass with your pages!

    • Michael Rocker

      Victor you are so right. They are also the ones who get to choose who goes in the R&R HOF. That’s why there are non Rockers inducted preventing the real talent out. BTW RS is for sale.

  • zeb doz

    she sounds hurt but yet like trash and id di hear he was dead but not form that left winged rag rolling stone

  • Jarod Peterson

    hope he pulls through and gets more time with his family that is all that matters to me

    • Michael Rocker

      Word has it that the family took him off life support and there is a DNR in effect. It does not look good 🙁

  • Rizz

    Rolling Stone is garbage. Tom Petty is an icon.

  • Kay B

    RS should not have stated he was dead. But she could have stated her disgrace better…..more adult-like? My dad passed away at 60 I know it’s hard, but you have to grow up fast and take it the best way you can. She may want to lay off the stoneage too. Heart attack risk increase which is what Tom had. Just sayin. Thanks for your music Tom.

    • Jjazznola

      Lots of things cause heart attacks a lot easier than smoking some weed now and then.

      • Kay B

        I know this I work in the medical field. Smoking weed doesn’t help. And every now and then? Tom didn’t smoke every now and then. And his daughter mentions it often. They both look like mummys with hair. Sorry Tom but you do.

        • Trovoid

          I heard Tom Petty abused heroin for a while so my bet is that contributed to his cardiac arrest. I know weed isn’t 100 percent harmless but this seems more in the realm of possibility. As you probably know, an addict can quit their drug of choice and still deal with the consequences years later.

          • Kay B

            I didn’t know about the heroin. Thank you for that comment. I think weed should be legal actually I think to some degree it can be a benefit. But Tom smoke quite a bit and it could have lead to cardio problems over years and years of smoking. The autopsy will come back as natural causes I bet.

          • Trovoid

            I don’t know too much about the guy so I looked it up and yeah he abused it in the 80s or 90s. I love marijuana (and kratom) but I recognize that it’s all about moderation. Unfortunately I have an extremely addictive personality. I know abusing anything has its downsides but its nice to have safer options. You seem like you were pretty wild back in the day Kay B. Out of curiosity, were you a drug user or addict of sorts at any time in your life? I apologize if I’m getting too personal.

            Also, yeah combusting anything into your lungs isn’t good, you’re right. I thank the world for vaporizers.

          • Kay B

            Not much is personal no worries. I was never a drug user. Before I was diagnosed with bipolar I did have a terrible violent streak. Any thing I have posted on here was just naturally wild and a bit of stupidity. I started working in surgery at 19 and they drug test you so I wasn’t able to do drugs. But growing up and in my early 20s I was so violent I sent my brother to the hospital many times. I still feel so bad about it to this day. I also had a knife incident with an ex. It wasn’t good. I was not in my right mind. No drugs though. I would imagine that would have been quite the ride though. I’d probably be in prison to be honest.

          • Trovoid

            Very interesting, thanks for sharing. You seem to have remorse about the violence and that makes you a good person. I know a few people who struggle with bipolar and they have described their own version of violent acts and angry blackouts.

          • Olga Stewart

            Kay, I am very sorry to hear about what happened to you during that particular time.

            And my thoughts are with you.

          • Kay B

            Thank you Olga.

          • Toad Wallop

            Vaporizers make me cough more, and it takes way more hits to get high. Trust me, I have a 500 dollar volcano in the closet that just catches dust. There is no proven correlation between smoking pot and lung cancer. Is it a little rough on the lungs? Yes, and no. Cannabinoids are well-known for their anti-inflammatory effects, so smoking weed can help prevent asthma attacks. I know after a good hit, sometimes I’ll cough up a little mucus, and my lungs will feel much better after, and I can breath better. I also smoke cigs though. Also, it’s not like you’re smoking 20 joints a day. A few hits through out the day isn’t that substantial.

          • Trovoid

            I’m on your side and have heard all the same things. Vaporizers really depend on the person, it’s helped me conserve at points but sometimes you build a tolerance up to it and go back to bongs and bowls. Smoking definitely has more direct effects and I think it’s not that big of a deal on your lungs. We consume much worse things on a daily basis and nobody bats an eye. I have heard so many people say smoking anything is bad and I’m open to the idea that it may not be completely harmless. But what is these days? It’s the safest drug out there. Yeah the reward circuitry of it isn’t great but that’s just like anything else. 100% pro weed here, let people have control over their bodies and medicate with safer options.

          • Toad Wallop

            Heroin and cocaine. Not to mention a long time cigarette smoker, but so what? Dead is dead, and being close to 70 doesn’t help matters much either.

          • Sandra Snow-Baker

            More like Coronary Artery Disease. Americans suffer from this like a silent epidemic. He was one of our favorites, he’ll be missed greatly.

          • Dale Fortune

            Tom got into heroin back in the 1990’s and blamed it on his wife and the problems they had. He went through rehab and supposedly kicked the habit but he still looked very unhealthy. Howie Epstein, the bass player from Petty’s band died from heroin use and cardiac arrest.

          • Kay B

            Interesting. Thank you.

          • Toad Wallop

            Weed is less harmful than Advil or Tylenol. That’s a proven fact. Take a whole bottle of either, and see what happens. Even just taking Tylenol in a normal manner, too often, will cause liver damage. Nothing is 100% harmless, but weed is up there with the most benign of substances. We will all die eventually, so worrying about the small stuff is such a waste of time.

          • Trovoid

            Absolutely. It’s also safer than fast food, coca cola, and sugar in general. I just always sort of clarify that I know it isn’t completely harmless because otherwise people won’t take you seriously. They think you’re making it out to be a “fix-all.” I’ve argued with so many people about it. Yeah I understand it’s not that great on a developing brain but seriously, any psychosis or personality disorder that pops up after someone starts smoking was bound to happen anyhow. It just came to the surface a bit earlier. And any weed smoker that has heart issues probably got them from an unrelated habit at some point or genetics in general.

        • Toad Wallop

          Sorry, you’re wrong. You’re work in the medical field really doesn’t qualify you enough to make that judgement. Not when there’s more studies that don’t show a correlation between smoking weed and cardiomyopathy. You’re preaching reefer madness, nothing more.

          • Kay B

            I don’t have to have studies. I have helped in hundreds of heart surgeries and done hundreds of organ procurements. About 25% were regular pot smokers. I have had to put stents and replace valves in these hearts. And when we harvest the heart in these patients which means taking them out from a donor, we usually can not use them in donations. I have actually cut into hearts of regular pot smokers. The anatomy is very different from a non affected heart. The muscle is weak and the valves aren’t typical among other things. So unless you have had your hands physically on human hearts and done diagnosis I will stick to what I said. I said smoking pot does not help your heart. Petty may have died from something else but smoking doesn’t help. I have seen it with my own eyes.

          • Lance C. Phillips

            Unless I’m mistaken all your information would be relevant to the case of someone who had suffered advanced heart disease with a resultant fatal heart attack or myocardial infarction. Petty died as a result of cardiac arrest.

          • Kay B

            Cardiac arrest is different from from a heart attack if that is what you are saying. Heart attack is a blockage and cardiac arrest is electrical. I understand it was reported he went into sudden arrest. I am saying I would bet when they do the autopsy they will find an abnormal heart. This in my opinion would be cause by years of drugs. You can go into cardiac arrest after smoking pot. Your heart rate beats faster and becomes irregular. Your blood pressure goes up. This is an electrical response that is cardiac arrest. Same happened to George Michael. His cause of death was listed as natural causes and fatty liver. But he was the result of heart disease from drug use over the years and weight gain. Whitney Houston had cardiac arrest but it was due to coronary heart disease cause by drug use. They aren’t the same terms but one can cause the other in some cases. The diseases can cause a blockage or a stenosis and when a blood clot is thrown you get a stroke or a heart attack. I am just assuming until an actual doctors report comes out that he A. had a stroke. B. Had a heart attack or C. went into cardiac arrest. I know it was reported he had cardiac arrest, and he probably did but I would wait for a report. It doesn’t matter my argument was that his daughter who sounds like a chronic weed user and proud of it may want to lay off of it because heart problems are hereditary. And I know people on this thread think pot has little if no affect on the heart and that isn’t true. That is my point.

      • Lance C. Phillips

        He did not have a heart attack. He suffered a cardiac arrest. Fundamentally different. A heart attack or myocardial infarction is caused by a clogged artery and usually has numerous physical symptoms before onset. Simply put, cardiac arrest is the electrical system that controls the heart functions short circuiting causing the heart to go into arrythmia or in Pettys case, stop. Onset is often immediate with little or no warning.

        • Kay B

          Yes see my reply above.

  • breed7

    So, if the reports of his death were incorrect, why doesn’t she give us the true story? Obviously something happened to him. She could have cleared it up in ten seconds. Why wouldn’t she do that? What doesn’t she want us to know?

    • Chris Luurtsema

      Who knows really? She was wrapped up in the moment,maybe? Time will tell.

  • Chris Luurtsema

    Rolling Stone is a fucking joke and I don’t blame his daughter one bit. She should be enraged! Where is the humanity and respect for his loved ones and for artist himself???? If I were Jagger and Richards? I’d sue their ass and make them change their name to , “The Douche Canoe Daily”.. fucking mental midgets. Grrrr…

  • Dede Smith Dennis

    Why is she bringing Trump into it? The Rolling Stone’s rag does that same shit to Trump, he probably doesn’t like them anymore than she does. Everybody has to bash Trump’s name to get themselves in the headlines. Did she not think her Dad was a big enough name to get the attention she wanted…..wth

  • Olga Stewart

    Geez louise Rolling Stone.

    Could you have mucked it up even more than you did?

    Man, oh man! :(.

    And I am so very sorry that this happened to Tom’s family.

  • Mike S.

    But he was brain dead. So kind of.

  • Kimberly B Stone

    I chalk this up to stress, fear, pain, and grief. Anyone could say something like this under the circumstances.

  • Lance C. Phillips

    I understand that grief can be an overwhelming emotion; as such I guess we give her a pass.