Tom Petty’s Daughter Attacks Rolling Stone: ‘My Dad Isn’t Dead, F*ck You!’


Tom Petty’s daughter Annakim Violette Petty (also known as Kimberly) has attacked Rolling Stone for reporting her father has died.

“@rollingstone my dad is not dead yet but your fucking magazine is ⚡️⚡️⚡️your slim?has been pieces of tabloid dog shit. You put the worst artists on your covers do zero research. How dare you report that my father has died just to get press because your articles and photos are so dated. I will fucking shit down your throat and your family’s . Try not being a trump vibe. This is my father not a celebrity. An artist and human being. Fuck u.”

“My dad had matching stage clothes made for me as a kid this jacket still fits me made by glen Palmer from granny takes a trip when I got the call to come to the hospital I grabbed this jacket and I’m still wearing it⚡️”

“96 tears was the first song my dad taught me to play thank you for all the love this has been the longest day of my life?”

“Please get me stoned this week I’m hanging in there dad lives matter.”