Ex-AC/DC Singer Spotted Replacement At Concert


In a recently uploaded interview with Argentina’s Urbana Play 104.3 FM, original AC/DC singer Dave Evans shared his thoughts on incorporating his former band’s material into his solo concert setlist. Though Evans was eventually replaced by the late Bon Scott, he spoke warmly of their shared history and the mutual respect they held for one another.

During the interview, as reported on by UG, Evans expressed his inclination to include some of the early songs he performed with AC/DC in his solo shows.

Additionally, he mentioned his tendency to incorporate a couple of the beloved Bon Scott classics. Evans reminisced about his encounters with Scott, revealing that Scott used to attend their shows and was a genuine fan of the band. In fact, when Scott joined AC/DC, he took on many of Evans’ songs, which created a reciprocal understanding between the two vocalists.

Evans acknowledged that it was acceptable for him to perform some of Scott’s songs, as the fans have a deep love for AC/DC and appreciate hearing those iconic tracks. Furthermore, he pointed out that Brian Johnson, AC/DC’s current vocalist, also includes some of Scott’s songs in their live performances.

He stated: “I include some of the early songs that I did with the band, of course. And I usually do a couple of the very popular Bon Scott songs too. I met Bon Scott; he used to come to see our shows. He was a fan of the band. And he loved the band. And when he joined the band, he used to do all my songs. So he doesn’t mind me a couple of his. But it’s okay to do some of his songs, because the fans love AC/DC, and I do some of Bon Scott songs, and as I said, he used to do my songs too, of course. And Brian Johnson also does some of Bon Scott’s songs as well.”

It’s important to note that Evans’ tenure with AC/DC was relatively brief, spanning just ten months from November 1973 to September 1974, before Scott assumed the role of lead vocalist. Although Evans never had the opportunity to record a studio album with the band, his contributions during that early period left an indelible mark on AC/DC’s history.