Lars Ulrich ‘Fill In’ At Metallica Show Controversy Leaks


Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan was asked in a new Download interview about former Slipknot drummer Joey Jordinson filling in for Lars Ulrich at Metallica’s 2004 Download festival performance along with other guests after Lars was rushed to the hospital.

He said, “Probably one of the most rememberable favorite times in my entire career – I like watching people succeed, and it really makes me happy. I love that, I love watching people earn what they work for.

“And I can remember – Metallica runs really tight shit, you’re not going to penetrate it for anything. So, they took a jam a practice room with them on tour, it’s a giant sea container, at least it was at that time if I remember right, it seemed like it was a sea container.

“And they had called Joey at some point to come in and practice some of these songs. I guess some would say I’m an opportunist but I like to consider myself sort of an oracle at times.

“So I followed with a camera, and I can remember they were in that sea container for what seems like at least 60 minutes, and I can remember just listening to Joey play all these Metallica songs, and at least three-quarters of them he didn’t play on stage.

“So it was this like all those guys being like kids and just jamming in this basement so to speak, and they were seeing which ones they were vibing.

“And I can remember – I had my back against the sea container, and I could feel the rumble of the bass drum, and it was hitting my back. I just turned the camera off and closed my eyes.

“They wouldn’t let me in, that pissed me off to this day, I was pretty pissed off. But, nothing but total loyalty to them, they’re our friends, I’ve always learned so much from them.

“And being told to stay outside was even better because I just got to turn the camera off and think about one of my bros just ripping it up in there.

“And they played a lot of the songs that I was hoping Joey was gonna play, but they chose what they wanted and some of the songs that they did play, he didn’t play. So I got to hear that.

“That really lit a fire, that lit a little whole thing in us. And they got us all presents for Joey – they got him one thing but they got the rest of the band some things, just to say thank you. And I thought, ‘Well, shouldn’t we be thanking them? Somehow I feel like we need to thank them.’

“But anyway, that was a wonderful moment in time in Slipknot, probably one of my favorite times ever, just being a fly and watching the best of the best of the best of the best. That’s just surreal.

“I just remember all of us are like, ‘What?’ And Joey always was nervous to begin with, he loves the show so much that his nerves would always get sort of the best of him because the will to want to play was so high.

“So you can just imagine how he was being in there with his gods. What a remarkable day! And that did, it blasted it all off, it was like a time capsule for the future. So we’re pretty honored and lucky.” Ultimate-Guitar transcribed his comments.