Gene Simmons Wife Takes Embarrassing Bent Over Photo


KISS icon Gene Simmons’ lovely wife Shannon Tweed Simmons took an embarrassing photo of her dog bent over in a dress on her social media page. Shannon wrote, “Mom!!!! I hate dresses! This is so embarrassing!!! #flora.” Gene Simmons revealed what his wife did with Slash and Jon Bon Jovi recently.

gameofstonescreations commented, “Spotted you in Glendale πŸŽ‰(great show) wanted to say Hi! But wasn’t braving the stairs! Miss the show, you and ur sister are hilarious! Take care, I hope “retirement” treats you well!πŸ’™πŸ’ŽβœŒ”

gmaleta54 wrote, “Thank you sooo much for being so diligent and kind and wonderful to our Beth!!!!! You are one of a kind!!! Please keep us updated, if its okay 😭.”

Gene Simmons’ daughter recently rejected a man hitting on her. Padilla18 reviewed a recent KISS ‘End of the Road’ tour show in San Antonio, Texas on, “No SA posts yet? I attended probably my last KISS show ever last night, unless they decide to hit Austin later on the tour. My sister and I walked up to the box office 10 minutes before the gates opened and got us 2 $41 tickets. 2nd row from the top on Tommy’s side.

I wanted to enjoy this show, not worry about taking pics or vids, just stand, stomp my foot, pound my fist and sing along. And man, it was a blast. Yeah I wanted to hear something obscure for the die hard I am, but I was singing along to every song. A couple of times I was like, ok Paul, get to the next song. That was my only complaint. Band sounded great. Pyro was awesome.

From where I was on top, hard to see the pods, so lost a little bit of the show there. SA KISS Army was out in full force. Only empty seats I saw were scattered ones on the very top row. What I thought was funny was after Black Diamond, people were headed to the exits. Don’t know if they wanted to beat traffic, but there were still 3 songs to go.

If you’re still on the fence, you’re not gonna see 1977 KISS. Hell, not even 1995 KISS. But you’re going to have a good time. you know, a rock and roll paaaaarty!” Gene Simmons’ wife recently revealed how she was disrespected by her dog in bed.