Lars Ulrich Goes To Famous Singer’s Hotel Room


Kim Bendix Petersen’s King Diamond moniker is one of the iconic portrayals in the heavy metal history. King Diamond’s work with both Mercyful Fate and his own titular band has provided a well of inspiration for many future heavy metal icons and played a pivotal role in creating some of heavy music’s biggest subgenres, such as thrash and black metal.

As if all that wasn’t enough, King Diamond has recently gotten back together with Mercyful Fate, which played their first show in 23 years this June 2 and is bound to headline Bloodstock festival later this year. In light of this important reunion, Metal Hammer recently got the beloved shock-rocker to answer some of his fans’ burning questions.

King Diamond talks about inspiring Metallica; recalls conversation with Lars Ulrich

When asked King to name a band he’s most proud of inspiring. The vocalist replied:

“Oh, there are many, but it has to be Metallica. They are the biggest metal band in the world, and for them to be inspired and to cover some of our songs, it’s a huge honour. Lars called me from their studio and said, ‘Want to hear something new?’ and he played me their Mercyful Fate medley and told me it was going to be on an album! Blown away. We’ve played it a few times with them, too.”

Recalling the last time he heard from Lars Ulrich, King Diamond said:

“He came to my hotel in 2019 when we were on tour. It was right at the end, on Thanksgiving, and he had a big family dinner so he couldn’t come to the show. I came back to the hotel after the gig and I was taking my makeup off.

My wife called over to me, ‘Hey, Lars is on the phone!’ I said, ‘No! At this time?!’ but it was him. He asked how the gig was and he said if I wasn’t doing anything he would come over to the hotel. So he just turned up at my hotel and we talked for a few hours, just about his family and how his kids are growing up. He’s a great guy, the same awesome person I met in 1984.”