Josh Homme Daughter Is All Grown Up In Photo


Recently, Josh Homme performed as part of a fundraiser for Sean Penn’s charity organization Core Response. Homme would reveal last month this tragic photo for a fallen rock icon, and would perform during the event but not before posing with his lovely daughter, Camille who looks stunning and all grown up as she can be seen with her dad holding an elegant and sleek, black dress. In addition, Camille is wearing a lovely and regal necklace and clutch. It should also be mentioned that this was Homme’s first performance of the year.

Over on the current events discussion website, Reddit fans discussed this in further detail, particularly over on the QOTSA [Queens of the Stone Age] subreddit. One Reddit user by the name of BenedictusAVE stated in regards to the video that was shared of the performance: “Where’s the treasure? Where you least expect it. Under the virus that caused the worldwide outbreak, his vocal cords had time to rest, but I bet they practiced in the last few years. Just listen to James Hetfield or Dave Grohl before and after the pandemic. Their voice is much more powerful.

Continuing the user stated: Also Josh had a hard time with sustaining higher notes or even reaching them in 2018. You can hear this in several Villains era live footage. I think dropping the booze had to do something with too. Nonetheless, it’s good to see him in a good shape, and hearing that his voice is in a good shape too.”

While another Reddit user proclaimed: God, I hope this is the start of good things for that family. Just look at his happy smile.”

Homme’s band, Queens of the Stone Age has not put out an album since 2017’s Villians but that has not stopped the group from being one of the most successful in the scope and landscape of modern rock. In the Billboard charting week of September 3, 2017, Villains was the No. 3 album on the Billboard 200 upon its first week of release, selling 73,000 equivalent units, and 69,000 in traditional album sales. It was also the best-selling album of the week, starting at No. 1 on the Top Album Sales chart. Photo Credit for the following feature can be attributed to Getty Images.

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