Lars Ulrich Looks Miserable In Metallica Pool Photo


Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has posted a photo of himself looking angry in a pool. He captioned it, “Here’s Johnny!!” Metallica made an emotional cancer announcement with The Who earlier this week.

He also wrote, “So psyched to roll back to see our friends in Poland tomorrow… In February 1987, we made our first visit to a country behind what at that time was known as the Iron Curtain, playing two shows in Katowice at the Spodek Arena.

We were honored to bring our music to new frontiers and excited about the possibilities, and were warmly welcomed beyond our wildest expectations. It helped us realize way early on that fans, no matter where on this beautiful planet, are united in their love and passion for music… which I’m happy to obviously reiterate, is still very much the case today. This snap is taken at the venue on one those nights enjoying a post show beverage.”

Lars Ulrich revealed what Ozzy Osbourne did to Metallica last week. He recently posted as well, “Prague… Sunday night insanity. Wow! Almost 80.000 of you shared in the shenanigans at Letńany Airport… incredibly hot, incredibly crazy, incredibly connected. When I looked out, I was staring at an ocean of music fans, who threw right back at us what we were dishing out … exactly as it should be.

Thanx to everyone who rolled out from near and far! Once again, we’ve had the good fortune to roll through Prague twice in the last 16 months or so…we appreciate each and everyone of you. Much love!”