Lars Ulrich Spits On Metallica Fans In Disgusting Photos


Lars Ulrich has shared hilarious new photos of him spitting into the crowd at a Metallica show to keep fans ‘hydrated.’

In one photo, a fan held a sign that said, “Thanks 4 the water in my mouth in El Paso Lars! #MayIHaveSomeMore #Wanna #KeepFansHydrated

Ulrich wrote in another recent post, “36 years ago today, we played our first gig on the East Coast, at the Paramount Theater in Staten Island with Vandenberg and the Rods.

Actually, it was also our first gig outside of California and it was way cool to finally play and sweat off the crazy week long ride out from NorCal in our U-Haul Van.

And extra fucking cool to get introduced to the Old Bridge Militia and all the metal heads and disenfranchised kids in the greater Tri-State area ready for something a little different.”

He also said, “If you’re rolling through New York City, go check out the “Play It Loud: Instruments of Rock and Roll” exhibit at @metmuseum … super proud to have my drum kit from the World Magnetic Tour in the display, along with the fellas’ instruments… pretty fuckin’ cool if I may say. And some serious company too! #wanna #MetRockAndRoll.”

He wrote a couple of weeks ago, “A coupla Danish dudes having dinner….in fact #HeavyMetalGandalf and I having our first solo meal in 20 or so years…

WTF, I hear you say…not because we don’t eat together, in fact we’ve had 9765 meals together, but rarely solo.

Always in the fortunate and incredible company of Jess and Molly.
Fuck yeah
And don’t delete that…. EVER!!!