Lars Ulrich Unloads After Awful Metallica Show


Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich recalled an ‘awful’ show on his Instagram page.

“On this day in 1982, 37 years ago, behind that blue door, Metallica played a show at 11:15 am(!) for the not-very interested students at Back Bay High School during their lunch break…

This was our fifth gig ever and the first where James played Rhythm Guitar.. we played on a small stage in one end of the cafeteria that was normally used for school plays, which explained the glamorous kitchen set backdrop (!)…

I was gonna add more kooky anecdotes, but the remarks from my ‘Tallica diary pretty much sums it all up!!!”

Ulrich wrote in his diary, “Absolutely a day to forget!! Played like shit went down like shit and sounded like shit. Really awful.”

“Jess, Bryce, Layne, Heavy Metal Gandalf and myself are all super proud to be part of @JR’s new work ‘The Chronicles of San Francisco’…

What a week it’s been having him and his team back in town celebrating the opening of this amazing art piece with multiple different events..what an honor to be featured among the 1200 souls representing all the different sides and diversity of this beautiful, incredible and inspiring city.

If you’re in San Francisco at some point in the next year, please go check out ‘The Chronicles of San Francisco’, showing with free admission at @sfmoma. #wanna #JRxSFMOMA #FacesOfSF #SFMOMA”