Led Zeppelin Called Out For Blatant Ripoff By A-List Star


Joe Rogan recently interviewed Bryan Callen on his show, and they discussed Led Zeppelin. Alternative Nation transcribed their comments.

Rogan: The only thing that taint’s Zeppelin’s [legacy] is the allegations of plagiarism, which seem to be totally true.

Callen: I know, I’ve heard the songs, you can do it side by side where you’re like ‘you stole those riffs!!’

Rogan: Yeah, that’s rough. It’s unfortunate because the end result is fucking incredible. The Immigrant Song? One of the best workout songs of all time!

[Rogan and company proceeds to sing The Immigrant Song]

Jamie: How much credit should they have? I’m not trying to disparage it but they should get a lot of credit for how good they were, right?

Callen: Oh they were still the greatest! They are the definitive heavy metal band of all time.

Rogan: They’re so good, there is no doubt that they’re so good. The thing is and I don’t know how every band does it but every song is probably constructed differently but in a lot of cases there is a lot of people contributing to the song. The drummer has an idea, and the singer has an idea, and the guitarist has these riffs that he’s trying to figure out and they are trying to figure out the best way to do the song.

It’s a collaborative effort and it’s no doubt that the collaboration was fucking phenomenal, the question is was it consensual? Like how many people were collaborating and didn’t know it. That’s what happens if you’re plagiarizing. It seems like it’s OK and maybe they thought that band was going to go away and nobody is going to care about them anymore because we’re Led motherfucking Zeppelin. That’s possible too, because before the internet that kind of would been the case.