Led Zeppelin Guitarist Photographed With Hot Young Girlfriend


75-year old Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page was photographed with his much younger girlfriend, 29-year old, Scarlett Sabet earlier this week at the launch of her new volume of poetry, Camille. You can view a photo below.

Scarlett, who is 46 years younger than Page, recited a selection of her verse to friends at Mortimer House in London, The Daily Mail reports. Just as she was about to read out a poem on sexual passion, she teased: ‘I’ll let you guess who this is about.’ At which a guest heckled: ‘It’s obviously Jimmy!’ Gross!

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page reportedly took the high road in his feud with neighbor Robbie Williams, making a peace offering of friendship after their ugly feud over Williams expanding his home, The Sunday Times reports.

Page reportedly asked, “Come round for a cup of tea.”

Page and his team wanted to ‘agree to disagree’ with Williams, but the offer was reportedly rejected.

The Times wrote, “Page, 75, and his team have accused Williams of ‘continually rebuffing’ all attempts to bury the hatchet after a bitter property dispute that has lasted for five years.”

Williams has reportedly taunted Page in a variety of ways, with the most bizarre story being that he has dressed as Robert Plant to mess with Page.

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page and Robbie Williams have been embroiled in a bitter feud since Williams submitted plans for a basement gym and pool at his home. Page wasn’t happy, as he didn’t want his home damaged during work on the renovation.