U2 Singer Bono Spotted Driving Ridiculous Car


U2‘s leading frontman Bono was caught coming out of this ridiculous SUV on the way to say hello and sign autographs to his adoring fans.  The U2 frontman told fans over in Laval, Quebec City Canada that he is “Ready for work” when discussing a question about the 2018 fan documentary film about the band – Dream Out Loud.  You can view it below. U2 singer Bono made this stunning AIDS announcement recently.

Fans of Slipknot discussed the song “You’re the Best Thing About Me” off the band’s 2017’s album “Songs Of Innocence” and it’s legacy in a new topic within the group’s subreddit.

Asw10429 said: “I love the song. I know the song revolves around Bono’s love for his wife and the dynamics around that relationship and his recent health scares. But I can’t help but find a bit of dual meaning about the US’s relationship with immigrant communities in this day-and-age.

In “American Soul,” Bono sings that “America is the dream the whole world owns,” in that being American is based on civic nationality, rather than ethnic-nationalism. The US has always received a net-positive from our immigrants, adding a ton to our culture, sciences, arts, etc.. Immigrants, strengthening us via diversity, being the best part about us in a land of opportunity, is something I could imagine being the basis of a U2 song. And with the US’s foray into far-right ethnic-nationalism with Trump’s Presidency, several lines from the song sound like Bono lamenting why we’re turning our back on others to our own lament and eventual demise.

I dunno… I’m probably wrong about the song’s meaning. But the music video showcasing NYC’s diversity and the general “personal-is-political” gist of Songs of Experience makes me feel this way about “You’re the Best Thing About Me.” I feel a little stronger, a little more optimistic in these dire times because of this song.”

This Rush singer recently revealed if he really hates Bono. Han_dies_01 replied:  “I actually love this song.

I still think that this is a song about the US / “America” disguised as a love song to Ali. OR at the very least (like many U2 songs) the lyrical ambiguity is intentional to allow it to apply to both.

Given the references to the US in Get Out of Your Own Way and the direct address to the US in American Soul, I wouldn’t be surprised if You’re the Best Thing About Me was intended, at least partially, to reference Bono’s (or the band’s) growing unease about the US.

The fact that the video is staged as the band hanging out in / enjoying New York, to me, further supports that interpretation.”

Ill_Made_Knight chimed in with: “Initially hated the song when it first came out for being too pop-like and bland. It’s grown on me as time has gone on and I find it quite catchy now. As you mentioned I like the major key with the sad lyrics about self-destruction (e.g. “the best things are easy to destroy.” “You’re the best thing about me. Why am I walking away?”). Probably one of my least favorite songs on SoE.” A ‘dirty’ Bono secret was revealed a few days ago.

(April 2018) Laval, QC, Canada. Talking to Bono about the DREAM OUT LOUD-film. “I am ready for work” as he salutes us. from u/EYEBOBdoYOU