Led Zeppelin Icon Called Drug ‘Trainwreck’ By Big Name


Godsmack drummer Shannon Larkin called late Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham a ‘trainwreck’ in a new Metal Shop TV interview transcribed by Ultimate-Guitar,

“We talked about this because some of the greatest music that was made is obviously by bands that were under influence of drugs and alcohol, right.

“So, going sober – to me – was saving my life. And so the therapy and rehabs and stuff that I had to go through to what I feel was saving my life in that I opened up to these people.

“I was never a big believer in therapy before, but you know what? It worked, and it made me just find happiness in things around me and my relationships with my band and at home or whatever I was going through.

“In the end, I had to learn that happiness comes from within, and all the partying and being in a band that I grew up idolizing – all my idols were fucking wrecks: Keith Moon, John Bonham, Jimi Hendrix, they’re all people that actually let it kill them before they saw the light.

“Now I can tour and be with my bros and make music and I feel a much better person for it, plus I have fun, I have lots of fun.”

John Bonham died in September 1980. The inquest into his death showed that in 24 hours, Bonham had consumed around 40 shots (1–1.4 litres) of 40% ABV vodka, after which he vomited and choked (a condition known as pulmonary aspiration). The finding was accidental death. An autopsy found no other recreational drugs in Bonham’s body. According to Rolling Stone, he was on a medication for anxiety and depression at this time.