Metallica Reveal Horrific Story About Deceased Bandmate


Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett revealed how he bonded with Cliff Burton over horror films in a new Instagram post.

“36 years ago it was my Metallica Birthday. I believe this was taken the night after my first Met show , in the parking lot of ROCK&ROLL HEAVEN in NJ , April 1983. I remember I got the call. April 1st – April Fool’s joke ? I thought. But no. I flew out to meet them at Jamaica, Queens.

And our first show was April 16th – in Dover. So this pic was taken April 17th I think. Photo cred to Trace Rayfield by way of @umlaut. Cliff and I had already bonded over horror movies and Lovecraft by that point ! ⚡️⚡️🖤🖤⚡️⚡️ @metallica 🤘🤘 #heavymetalparkinglot.”

Lars Ulrich had previously posted, “36 years ago today, the charming cool looking guy on the right joined the goofball on the left and his compadres in a rehearsal room in an old furniture warehouse in Jamaica in Queens, NY for a jam on some freshly minted original rock songs and a fave metal cover or two…. Three and a half decades later, the instant and incredible vibe and dynamic that was felt in that space that night, is still very much present across all fronts as Kirk Lee Hammett and his cohorts in ‘Tallica do their thing and share it with whoever wants to partake the world over.

Happy Anniversary Brother… Here’s to some pretty crazy adventures along the way and all the possibilities the future holds.

Just getting started right??”

Ulrich also recently shared a photo with Robert Downey Jr., Eddie Van Halen, and Jerry Cantrell.

“Check out this crazy cool crew…Trujillo just sent me this picture today and reminded me of a way fun night we had at the Spike TV Guys Choice Awards show in LA in May 2009… we collected the “Ballsiest Band” award (!!) Good times! 😳.”