Led Zeppelin Icon Calls Out Bandmates For Failed Reunion


In a recent social media post, Jimmy Page said that Robert Plant and John Paul Jones declined to attend a 2006 UK Music Hall of Fame induction ceremony with him. He referred to Plant and Jones as ‘the other two members.’

“On this day in 2006, Led Zeppelin were inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame.

Led Zeppelin had been inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame, to which there was an award ceremony including James Brown, and the group were invited to attend. I attended the event, as did members of the Bonham family, but the other two members had declined.

I had met James Brown on a number of occasions and his appearance seemed no different to any time before; fit, sharp and bright, but this was to be the last time – he was to die on Christmas day that year. It was a shock having seen him so fit on this occasion. He was truly one of the giants of black music.”

Page also posted, “Now in post-production, the as yet untitled Led Zeppelin documentary, directed by Bernard MacMahon, celebrates the world’s best-selling rock band on their fiftieth anniversary. ⠀⠀
The documentary traces the journeys of the four members through the music scene of the 1960s, their meeting in the summer of 1968 for a rehearsal that will change the future of rock, and culminates in 1970 when their second album knocks The Beatles off the top of the charts and they become the number one band in the world.
With brand new interviews of JP, Robert Plant, and John Paul Jones, as well as rare archival interviews with the late John Bonham, this documentary will be the first of its kind; the Led Zeppelin story told through the words of the men that lived it, with no outside voices or conjecture. Featuring never before seen archive film and photographs, state of the art audio transfers of the band’s music, as well as the music that shaped their sound, this documentary will be the definitive telling of the birth of the world’s biggest selling rock band. It is the first and only time the band have participated in a documentary in fifty years.
Jimmy said ‘when I saw everything Bernard had done on the remarkable achievement that is American Epic, I knew he would be qualified to tell our story.'”