Led Zeppelin Icon Reacts To Bandmate’s Tragic Announcement


Sammy Hagar and the Circle, which also features bassist Michael Anthony were recently on The Howard Stern Show, and drummer Jason Bonham revealed how Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant was the one to announce to him that his father John had died.

MarksFriggin.com recapped: Jason said he got a Grammy for that 2007 performance. He said that there has been no other drummer in Led Zeppelin so it’s an honor. Howard said Robert was the guy who told Jason his dad had died. Jason said he did.

Sammy said playing with Jason he predicts that Jason is as good as his dad and his dad would want to hear that. Howard said Jason is going to send him hate mail now. Sammy said Jason plays just like his dad. He said he’s the greatest rock drummer in his book. He said he thinks his dad would love to hear that.

Howard asked why they’re calling the band The Circle. Sammy said that he, Michael and Jason all grew up on Led Zeppelin. Howard said they have to take a look at Jason too. Jason said when they did guitar solos in Led Zeppelin he’d be doing blow and they found out. He said Jimmy would cut his guitar solo short and he had to run to stage. He said Jimmy would just stand there waiting. He said he was angry that they didn’t offer him any. Howard said with Jason he lost his dad when he was 14. He said you’d think he’d stay away from blow.

Jason said Jimmy was the first one to give him blow when he was on the road with them. Howard said he’d think that they’d avoid doing that. Jason said he remembers being called to his room and he was just 16 at that point. He said there was a woman on the floor meowing. He said they had this grinder thing. He said they’d grind it and turn it over to him. He said Jimmy asked if he had done it before. He said yes and he just did all of it. He said Jimmy said he’s just like his father. He said he was taking that as a compliment. He said he should have been working on the other side of the craft. He said he’s been sober for 17 years now. Howard said that’s hard to do. Sammy said he’s totally cool.

Howard said there will be people around you drinking and you just have to say it’s not for you. Jason said that they ask if he wants them to take the booze out of the room but he says no and tells them to take the candy out instead.

Howard asked if they used keyboards on these albums because it was something new. Michael said that they had used it on a few other songs. He said Eddie is a great keyboard player as well as guitar. Howard said that guy has some talent. Howard asked the guys to do some of the song. They went into the song ”Why Can’t This Be Love.” Sammy did most of the singing but he had Michael take a few lines.