Greta Van Fleet Reveal Keith Richards Photo


Greta Van Fleet guitarist Jake Kiszka has revealed a photo of himself with his shirt unbuttoned reading The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards’ book. While Richards is a rock and roll survivor, hopefully Jake can learn some things to do to become a rock legend in a book, but also some pitfalls to avoid! Not everyone is ‘Iron Man’ like Richards, who has defied death many times before getting clean! Greta Van Fleet were called ‘cowards’ by a big name yesterday.

Greta Van Fleet and Keith Richards have also both dealt with haters, with Stardog exploring why Greta are misunderstood in a recent SteveHoffman.TV post, “I can’t help noticing most of their biggest critics don’t seem to understand Led Zeppelin either. Whatever Greta might be they are quintessentially American and Zep were quintessentially British. When Zep do acoustic it’s straight out of the celtic tradition, when Greta do likewise, it’s straight out the second hand focused through the American tradition. The vocalist can never be a kid who grew up in part of the UK that was like much of the industrial coffin, one of stark contrasts. Part of Plant’s vocal charm is that he’s from Dudley, replete with the deadpan dry humour that the West Midlands and Black Country has almost ingrained into its’ psyche. The guy from Greta is far more intense in his whole persona, he’s battling to show he’s worthy, Plant never really gave a flying feck cos he knew he was and that’s what Zep did. They could be as on point as classical musos , they chose more often than not, to almost wing it cos they had an inbuilt sense of their own destiny, Greta are sweating for it still working out do they even have something as lofty in terms of aspiration as a destiny and there’s nowt wrong with that.

I’m minded of the tale of a famous British comedian who literally died on stage with many thinking it was a part of his act. His name was Tommy Cooper, he did a series of dates in Vegas and after one show, the promoter made his way to Tommy’s dressing room.

‘Love the show kid, great gags, tell me, have you ever thought of learning how to do the magic tricks properly?’. Of course, it was that cultural bond that divides us mostly monoglots, Tommy’s whole routine was about being a really very gifted magician pretending to be rubbish . It’s that Brit self effacing thing we do that and quite understandably annoys many Americans. Given that, you might think Greta sound like Zep and places the ghost is there, the truth is though, they are already slicker than Zep ever were in their entire delivery and that’s fine and dandy cos, in the end, they’re Yanks, it’s what you Yanks do.

Half the criticism of Greta seems to be akin to the kids in class who would snipe at the kids who actually read their set text, the collective hive mind that demands conformity to whatever contemporary meme might hold sway whilst simultaneously pretending to rebellious. By all means don’t like Greta cos his voice doesn’t float your boat, the songs don’t move you, whatever, at least their shooting high.” Greta Van Fleet are currently recording a new album, while The Rolling Stones are touring North America. Howard Stern revealed a surprising Keith Richards bombshell over the weekend.