Steven Tyler Reacts To Disgusting Aerosmith Show Behavior


Steven Tyler reacted to fans disgustingly sitting down at an Aerosmith ‘Deuces Are Wild’ Las Vegas show over the weekend.

A fan named John tweeted, “Insider’s tip: If you are up front at an @Aerosmith show, stand. Otherwise @IamStevenT will take notice. Publicly. #DEUCESAREWILD @ParkTheaterLV.”

Tyler responded, “YEUP!!”

Las Vegas Weekly wrote in a review:

Aerosmith has always been self-indulgent—many of the band’s songs clock in around the five-minute mark—and they didn’t steer away from that during the show. Deeper cut “Kings and Queens” marked a change in the set, utilizing a live, behind-the-scenes string section (which later made two onstage appearances for “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” and “Dream On”), piano solos and lots of pyro. “Kings and Queens,” which dabbles in proggy chamber-rock, felt powerful and epic with the accompanying strings, emboldening Joe Perry and Brad Whitford’s robust guitars.

“What the f*ck are you sitting down for?” Tyler yelled into the mic before heading into 1975 favorite “Sweet Emotion.” “Trust me, we’re all getting laid tonight, so stand the f*ck up!”

Despite the lasers, animated videos and fancy pyrotechnics, Deuces Are Wild isn’t a glitzy or glammy show. It’s a straightforward rock concert that, in the beginning, finds the band grasping to command the giant Park Theater stage. Given the presence of the circus-like performers that roamed the stands before the show, I hoped Aerosmith would use acrobats to give the show some Vegas-y zeal. Alas, they did not. Also, for the first handful of songs, the screens weren’t utilized, making it hard to focus on the band below if you weren’t in the pit.