Led Zeppelin Icon Rejects Big Name Replacement Singer


There has been a Communication Breakdown between iconic Led Zeppelin founder & guitarist Jimmy Page and former Queen singer Paul Rodgers! In a new interview given by “The Metal God” himself, Eddie Trunk, Rodgers stated that Page “has got to get out there and play” music again, according to a new report by ledzepnews.com. It should be noted that Rodgers and Page have worked together in the past before, the two were a part of the short lived supergroup “The Firm” along with AC/DC drummer Chris Slade and A-list bass drummer Tony Franklin.

Rodgers: “Oh yeah, I am in touch with Jimmy and we do talk from time to time and he comes to all the shows when we play in England. He was at the Albert Hall, actually, when we did the Free Spirit tour show. I would always work with Jimmy but I don’t know what his plans are and it could be that the record company will approach us and do something because they’ve done that with Bad Company, they’re doing it with Free. They may do something. There are only two albums to choose from but they could put something together, I’m sure. And maybe they will.

Paul Rodgers would later state in the interview that Page “Can’t pull the trigger” in regards to creating and new music as well as not being able to musically “connect all the dots”.

Rodgers: “Yeah, he can’t quite pull the trigger, can he? But I think it’s there, he’s definitely got the goods. He still plays fantastically but he’s just got to get out there. I think the longer you leave it, actually, the harder it is to come back to and he’s leaving it and leaving it and saying ‘Oh, maybe next time, maybe next time,’ and I always encourage him to get out there and just play, but we’ll see.”