Led Zeppelin Icon Savagely Mocks Awful Singing


Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant recently took a savage shot at an album he did with rock icon Phil Collins. On his Digging Deep podcast, he revealed how he was “hurrying swiftly up his own rectum” on his solo album ‘The Principle of Moments,’ because he could not get enough of the latest advances in musical technology at the time. Alternative Nation transcribed Plant’s comments. Plant recently revealed how he rejected a Led Zeppelin reunion drummer.

Co-Host: It must of been nice, thinking: “this is a good record, I’m not gonna stop.” The method of just stopping completely, just becoming a teacher and all this kind of stuff. Yet to do a record and go: “There is road ahead of me”.

Plant: Yeah, well, the thing is, then and a little bit later on the next record with Phil Collins, Robbie Blunt and those guys we got this guy called Barriemore Barlow who was a drummer who played with [Jethro] Tull a few times, a very, very good drummer. However, he’d started bringing in much moe of a techno approach to stuff.

Then I started hurrying swiftly up my own rectum because I could not get enough new technology. I just really went: “wow, so you can do that, and if you do that with that machine, that happens to your voice. You can do that over there…”  I really did go off the track a little bit.

Co-Host: You gotta go down.

Plant: It works all over the place, just that it wasn’t appropriate coming from Val Haller that I should be doing anything apart from being that same old guy for the rest of my life.

Co-Host: You know, everybody’s got a back catalogue and you do tend as artists to deal with the front end of it, but it is nice to look at these things and go: “wow, if you play these pieces, without any talk in between them, they are such a disjointed bunch of musical adventures. I’ve been in good company all through my time and that is the greatest gift that i can wish for.