Paul McCartney Called Offensive Name By Grandson


The Beatles icon Paul McCartney said a grandchild one day recently called him ‘Grandude.’ While many would see the name as offensive, McCartney said he liked it, and it inspired his new children’s book ‘Hey Grandude!’ Paul McCartney being brutally disrespected at a restaurant was recently revealed on John Lennon’s Instagram page.

“As my kids and the grand-kids were growing up, I always loved reading to them at bedtime. I just loved being part of that experience, so I said ‘It’d be nice to have a book.'”

Roker asked about touring in this day and age, “Is it true that sometimes you have to relearn the older stuff?”

“Yeah, I have to relearn everything,” McCartney responded. “I’ve written an awful lot, so you can’t retain them all. We go into rehearsal, and I learn them. ‘Oh yeah, that’s how it goes.’ ”

Roker later asked, “Sometimes when you’re relearning them, do you kind of look and go, ‘You know, this is pretty good?'”

“I do,” McCartney said in response. “I really do, you know. That’s one of the joys of doing some of the old songs. And you say, ‘Oh, that’s clever. I wouldn’t have done that.’ ”

A weird photo of Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono’s feet was recently revealed. McCartney recently wrapped up his North American ‘Freshen Up’ tour, with intentions to continue recording and touring despite being 77 years old.