Led Zeppelin Icon Warned Of Firing After Disgusting Revelation


Sammy Hagar and The Circle were recently interviewed by Seattle’s KISW, and Led Zeppelin reunion shows drummer Jason Bonham told a gross story about his late father, John Bonham.

Hagar mentioned Jason’s father having memories of Seattle.

Bonham said, “He liked Seattle.”

“How do you outdo leaving a shark and an octopus in the bathtub for a maid to find? What do you do? So a band then took down every picture in the room, and cut a hole, and put fish, a one they caught, and put it in the drywall, and put the pictures back on, so nobody knew where the smell came from.”

Hagar responded, “That is not polite.”

Bonham proclaimed, “That is fantastically genius!”

Hagar quipped, “I would fire someone in my band for doing it. Got it? Understand?”

Bonham said, “I’m only doing it in the one hotel.”

Meanwhile, as rumors continue to swirl about different versions of Van Halen reunions, former members Hagar and Michael Anthony just continue to do what they do best: rock! And, of course, there’s only one way to rock, as Hagar first taught us back on his 1981 Standing Hampton album.

“Crank up the drums, crank out the bass. Crank up my Les Paul in your face.” It’s a good start, but there has to be something more to rocking the right way. Hagar told us it all comes down to spontaneity.

“If you’re too rehearsed you start just playing the song, you read a newspaper at the same time,” Hagar said. “I like to be a little unrehearsed and never play the song exactly the same.”