Led Zeppelin Member Pissed At Big Name ‘Refusing’ Him


After feuding with neighbor Robbie Williams over the pop singer wanting to build a pool by his home, Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page is now pissed at another neighbor, former Prudential chairman Sir Harvey McGrath. McGrath wants to install four air conditioning outlets at his £10 million mansion in Holland Park, West London. He also wants to move a wall. Page’s objections have so far been refused.

The Daily Mail have leaked details of a letter to Kensington and Chelsea Council where he discusses his fears that The Tower House, his Grade I listed home for more than 46 years, will be hurt by the renovations, and he doesn’t want to deal with the noise.

Page writes in his letter, “I urge the council to refuse the application as having the potential for harmful impact on living conditions in The Tower House.”

“I use the area to listen to and scrutinise recordings, requiring my full concentration with no distracting noise and/or vibration from other sources, for meetings away from the main house and for recorded interviews where naturally there cannot be any constant background noise.”

McGrath previously installed a lift and had other renovations done to his property. Perhaps they can reach a compromise, as Page and Williams recently did about Williams’ pool, which will be built with hand tools to avoid noise.

Sir Harvey Andrew McGrath is a British business and philanthropy executive. He served as the Chairman of the Man Group from 2000 to 2007 and Prudential plc from 2009 to 2011. He is the co-founder of Revere Capital Advisors, a hedge fund based in New York City and London. He serves as the Chairman of Big Society Capital and Heart of the City, promoting philanthropy in Greater London and the City of London. His net worth is £100 million.

Jimmy Page recently wrote on Instagram, “#OnThisDay in 1967, Jeff Beck released Hi Ho Silver Lining / Beck’s Bolero.
After the split in The Yardbirds following the American tour, Simon Napier-Bell (the then current manager) had decided to do a deal with Peter Grant under the umbrella of ‘Mickie Most’ productions. With Jeff Beck now having a solo career, the first single that he released was ‘Hi Ho Silver Lining’ with Mickie producing.
The B-side was ‘Beck’s Bolero’ which had been recorded sometime earlier, when Simon Napier Bell had considered that The Yardbirds could make solo records. The session for ‘Beck’s Bolero’ was at IBC Studio in London, the engineer was Glyn Johns, Jeff was on lead guitar, myself on electric 12-string, Keith Moon on drums, John Paul Jones on bass and Nicky Hopkins on piano. Keith Moon played with such ferocity that he broke an overhead microphone and hadn’t realised that he had done so it until the bits were bouncing up and down on his drums. It was a really good choice by Jeff to put this on the B-side of ‘Hi Ho Silver Lining’.”