Corey Taylor Calls Out Slipknot Ripoff After Girlfriend Disrespect


Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has reacted to a new Variety report about music royalties from streaming companies. A year ago, The Copyright Royalty Board has announced that the royalty rate for interactive streams will rise by 44% over the next five years. Variety reports that Spotify, Google, Pandora and Amazon are trying to appeal the U.S. Copyright Royalty Board decision.

Taylor called out the streaming companies who have financially been ripping him and other musicians off, “This is NOT a fight you will win. You have had carte blanche with our music for too long. We the songwriters of the world look forward to challenging your contention.”

Corey Taylor also recently responded to his girlfriend Alicia Dove criticizing a headline of a story about her on International Woman’s Day. Taylor also discussed his girlfriend Alicia Dove not receiving the same respect he does in the press.

Alicia tweeted an article, “I covered their company name because it’s not really about that… but I think today is a good day to show you just one tiny reason in a gigantic OCEAN of reasons why there’s a day like #InternationalWomensDay.

Sincerely: ‘Girlfriend’.”

Corey Taylor responded, “She did almost all the work. It was her cause that we were working for. But when we did the press rounds, I had to steer the questions towards her. She deserves all the credit for what we achieved. It’s not right. #InternationWomensDay.”

He also tweeted, “Imagine this Loudwire article on International Woman’s Day: ‘Alicia Dove’s boyfriend gives details for new album.’

Sounds ridiculous, right? Then why isn’t it ridiculous when it’s the other way around? (e.g. Corey Taylor’s girlfriend) Now, I’m not one of those SJW cronies but why can’t we just accept either of these titles? Because of titles like (FAMOUS MALE)’s girlfriend, she doesn’t get recognised as much, even if the subject of the article was centered around her.

All I’m saying is people needs to share the spotlight with the superstar’s less famous significant other in the media.”

Alicia Dove responded, “Thank you. It’s not about anything other than I did that interview just as much as he did, and I was on that bill, too. If I wasn’t his GF how would they have addressed me – or would they AT ALL?”

Corey said, “I’d support a story like that.”