Queen Guitarist Details ‘Unspeakable Disease’ In Sad Photos


Queen guitarist Brian May has posted the following on Instagram.

“This is Jess Grant. SWIPE 3 times to see the story. A young lady with humanity and talent, full of fun and laughter and courage. We had some great times – sharing guitar secrets and thoughts about life. But an unspeakable disease took her away while she yet had her whole life to live.

Her brave parents have founded a charity which will bring better lives to many children faced with battles like Jess’s. It’s called @jessgrantcelebration and you can find it here on Instagram or search the name. By spreading the word and/or donating, you will be ensuring that Jess’s spirit is honoured, and bringing a future nearer in which no child is so unfairly deprived of fulfilment in life. Jess rocks on !!! Bri.”

JessGrantCelebration.org.uk states, “Jess Grant Celebration charity has been set up in memory of an inspirational, brave, positive, beautiful young lady who always met the world with a smile. We are so proud and honoured to be the parents of Jess.

Jess’ passion was music; both listening to and playing her beloved electric guitar, and more recently her drums. And it was music that helped Jess cope with the 3.5 years of gruelling treatments and operations she faced after being diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a rare bone cancer, in September 2014. Even on the darkest days Jess would always want to play and listen to music and as she said to her music therapist Clare, ‘When I’m feeling sad I just play some music and it changes my mood.’ Heartbreakingly, Jess died on 26th January 2018 aged 15 and we miss her so much.

In Jess’ memory we would now like to raise money for other children and young people with life-threatening illnesses. Inspired by Jess, the charity will focus on supporting organisations and individuals in Suffolk and Cambridgeshire through music, including the provision of grants for musical instruments and music therapy.”