Led Zeppelin New Drummer Drops Tour Bombshell


The music industry is incredibly different from any other industry. In any other industry, (outside of entertainment) when someone passes away – they pass away for good. That’s not the case in music. When a band or artist signs a contract, they are legally bound by such even after a/their death. A record label will do whatever they can to ensure they still make money off of the artist who has passed. This was seen in recent years with hologram acts in the form of Tupac and Michael Jackson who were brought back to life for one night only. The next candidate for this seems to be infamous drummer, John Bonham.

With the use of technology today within the entertainment industry, it is incredibly easy to bring a dead actor back to life in a movie or have a holographic version of a dead musician on stage. What’s more is that with vocalists who have passed away – a producer can take hundreds of unused takes from demos that the vocalist may have recorded and make it into hundreds of new songs just by chopping up sentences and putting them to a backing track. Very eerie indeed what the industry will do to get paid.

In a recent interview, the son of John Bonham – Jason Bonham spoke about a rumor that has been swirling around which stated that Led Zeppelin would be having a holographic tour complete with, of course, a CGI version of John Bonham on the drums once more. With a possible album on the way – this may be big.

Asked by the Appetite For Distortion podcast, the question was if it would be odd for Jason Bonham to see his dad ‘come back to life’ for performances. At first, Jason stated that it would have been hard to achieve that years ago because of lack of quality footage, but now he feels that it could happen due to actors who can replicate the movements of any given person while a deep fake is done on said person’s face.

Jason stated to the question: “There was an app made where you can take a photo and make it move…Yeah, that was weird…That is weird to see.”

Jason Bonham then says how even hearing his dad’s voice in documentaries on the band is an off experience for him.

Should music continue to not allow people to ever die for a payoff? It seems like families of the deceased are surely speaking their voice about it.