Howard Stern Unloads On Eddie Van Halen ‘Death Bed’ Rumor


Eddie Van Halen health rumors have run rampant in the last year, with TMZ reporting that he has throat cancer, which could be potentially deadly, but Howard Stern said he was unsure about reports on Monday, after Eddie shot down rumors that he is on his death bed by showing up at a Tool show a couple of months ago in Los Angeles.

Stern played “Why Can’t This Be Love” on Monday, and discussed David Lee Roth claiming in a new interview that Eddie Van Halen is ‘not doing well,’ and that is why he is playing solo in 2020. Stern said he didn’t know for sure if it was true or not, but that it was on the internet.

Later on, Robin Quivers discussed David Lee Roth’s quote from last year where when asked about Eddie Van Halen’s health, he said he had heard the same rumors as anyone, but didn’t feel it was fair to weigh in.

Speedway posted on, “Dave says ‘Ed’s Not Doing Well’ in a new interview.” Railrunner130 responded, “I saw that article. It’s a rehash of the one he did six-ish months ago. They changed the title to get people to read it again and emphasized what Dave said differently.

I’m not sure how much, if any, contact Dave would even have with Ed to make such a statement. From the more recent photos, he looks like he’s holding his own to me. But that may be by design, not reality.” Eddie Van Halen’s family made a ‘collapsing’ claim in a photo last week.