Liam Gallagher Brutally Insults ‘Liar’ Gene Simmons


Former Oasis singer Liam Gallagher ripped KISS icon Gene Simmons for saying Oasis had not reached legendary status in a series of new social media posts.

A fan told Liam, “Gene Simmons thinks that Oasis isn’t rock-‘n’-roll legend because most people younger than 40 years old don’t know who Oasis is. I think you need to set him straight.”

Gallagher responded, “Fuck him the tart.”

Liam also said that Gene was lying that he had named his son after him. A fan said, “He’s ridiculous! And he thinks you named Gene after him?” Gallagher shot back, “Gene Krupa.” Gene Krupa was a legendary jazz drummer, with Modern Drummer even calling him ‘the founding father of the modern drumset.” Krupa first recorded in the late 1920’s, finding major success in the 1930’s on “Sing, Sing, Sing.” Krupa’s tom-tom interludes were the first extended drum solos to ever be recorded commercially.

Gallagher also tweeted on Saturday, “FUCK LOCKDOWN.” A fan asked him, “Have you heard the new Gorillaz ablum?” He responded, “Hipster nonsense.” Another fan asked, “I heard you’re working on a song for Peaky Blinders, is that true?” Gallagher answered, “It’s not true.”

An additional fan asked, “Get out on a Couple of runs round the Heath keep ticked over LG you watching the fight tonight who’s your money on.” Liam responded, “I’ll be watching yeah im not a betting man but I’d like Del Boy to win.”