Liam Gallagher Reveals Why ‘So-Called’ Rock Bands Need ‘F**king Shooting’


Former Oasis singer Liam Gallagher ripped today’s younger bands labeled as rock, telling Noisey:

“There’s too many so-called rock ‘n’ roll bands in England getting away with fuckin’ murder.

“They should be ashamed of the shit the put out. They need fuckin’ shooting.

“I’m not gonna say names. They’ve got the tools to make guitar music great and they’re just fuckin’ doing it half-arsed.

“They’ve got one foot in the fuckin’ dance world and one foot in the fuckin’ guitar world and they’re just seeing which one fuckin’ bites.

“They’re there with their fuckin’ keyboards and whistles and shit. If you’re going to do ‘guitar music’ you have to put a fuckin’ guitar on a record.

“Put the fucker in. Stop wearing it like it’s a fuckin’ necklace.”