Liam Gallagher Unloads On ‘Creepy’ Radiohead: ‘C’mon Ya Cunts’


On Friday night, former Oasis singer Liam Gallagher went on a bizarre rant ripping Radiohead, referring to them as ‘Radio Play.’ He discussed their songs “Creepy Fuvker”, “Planet Tickle”, “The Bond”, and “Karna Police”.

“So I’m in this crazy house everyfucker is banging on about the band radio play help.”

“Some tunecall creepy fuvker.”

“The rapping in the middle of the bends taking the piss.”

“How the fuck did these teds get big.”

“Cmon ya cunts Karna police.”

“What album is this fuvking karma police on.”

Read Liam’s pearls of wisdom below.

The Evening Standard is reporting:

The Gallagher brothers are no closer to ending their lengthy feud, with Noel reigniting the hate with a cutting jibe about his sibling.

Noel, 51, couldn’t resist making a dig at Liam after he was asked about them both being nominated at last night’s Q Awards.

The High Flying Birds frontman was asked if he was feeling the pressure of being nominated for two gongs a year after his brother bagged a double win.

Speaking to Sky News on the red carpet, a reporter asked: “Your brother Liam cleaned up last year, does that add to the pressure?”

Noel replied: “Did he, what with a brush? Yeah, he was always a good cleaner.”

The brothers have been feuding since Oasis split in 2009, with Liam frequently calling Noel a “potato” and a “soft lad” while Noel has branded Liam a “village idiot”.