Rage Against The Machine & Tool Members Reveal When They Lost Virginity


Former Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave guitarist Tom Morello described himself and Tool guitarist Adam Jones as being ‘virgins’ when they formed their band The Electric Sheep when they were 18, and not losing virginity until being college age in a new Loudwire video.

“The Electric Sheep formed in 1982, and Adam [Jones] was in that band, and then when I would return home for summers in college, I was in different cover bands, I would come home in the summer and The Electric Sheep continued on. Adam Jones was the bass player in The Electric Sheep.

I wrote a political song or two. My first political song was called ‘Salvador Death Squad Blues.’ Most of the the subject matter was very Brett Kavanaugh, I hate to admit it.”

“It was pretty sexist,” Morello admits. “I wish there was a little more rebellion and a little less [sexism]. We were all virgins, by the way. We sort of wrote as if we were Mick Jagger and we were certainly not.”

You can watch the full video below, where Morello also discusses Rage Against The Machine being kicked out of Saturday Night Live for hanging upside down American flags, which NBC feared would anger sponsors, especially with Steve Forbes as host.