Limp Bizkit Icon Goes After Rage Against The Machine


Limp Bizkit and the members of the group have always been in the media for causing some stir within the world. Even though we are many years removed from their rebellious phase – we are still seeing some members of the band keep the ethos alive by going after modern day musicians and their music.

Wes Borland is the main focus here as Wes recently seemingly went after every big name within music today and their work. Wes Borland recently released a new album with his band, Big Dumb Face. The band released some Christmas inspired work and Wes figured that he would create some promo for it himself on his own platform via Instagram.

The promo choice here was to bash all other artists that weren’t Wes. In fact, Wes Borland didn’t just go after people half his age. He went after his own band, Limp Bizkit as well as Rage Against The Machine. With Limp Bizkit and Rage Against The Machine making his list of albums that aren’t up to par with his own creation, he also included many other artists.

Among the firing range list that Wes posted up on his Instagram via the cover art of his new album, we saw Post Malone, Adele, Harry Styles, Gorjira and countless others named. As of now, no one has really spoken against this, so it looks like everyone is taking this pretty well – or better than anyone would have expected them to take it.

Streaming numbers did see a nice uptick after Wes pulled this, so it looks like the idea behind all of this did work out in his favor which is always great to see. What’s more is some artists are honored by Wes Borland poking fun at them and who wouldn’t be happy about that kind of attention?

Wes wrote, “Amazing news!
For the first time in the history of the world, all of our beloved music critics have unanimously agreed that Big dumb Face’s ‘Christmas in the Cave of Dagoth’ is not only album of the year, but the greatest audio recording of all time.
The Adeles – Out
Ed Sheelan – Nope
Terri O’Toole – I don’t think so
Meg Stallion – Out
Lamp Biscuit – Sucks
Rage the Machine Kelly – Out
Sprite Boxes – Out
Gorjello – Out
Dave Mustained – Nope
Leslie Bibb – No
Billie Cyrus – Out
Malone’s Post – Nay
Corn – No
The Somewhat Reckless – Take off
Pork Brothers – Out
Hurried Styles – Out
Buns and Hosers- No

Thank you all other artists and bands for being so terrible!”