Limp Bizkit Suddenly Cancel Show After Emergency


Limp Bizkit canceled a show on Saturday in Florida, tweeting, “We are so sorry. Tonight’s show cancellation was not our decision. There was a safety concern and safety comes first. The promoters told us they were concerned there could be a safety issue that could result in possible chaos and injuries resulting in the cancellation of tonight’s show. Bummer.”

Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst was seen sporting his middle-aged dad attire while sitting on an old, worn-out armchair which performing the 2021 hit “Dad Vibes” as the band kicked off their 2022 US tour at the Hard Rock Event Center in Tampa, Florida on April 28. This was reported by Metal Hammer. The show saw the band performing several tracks off last year’s “Still Sucks”.

Fans enjoyed Limp Bizkit concert

To fans’ delight, the concert kicked off in goofy Bizkit fashion and the band’s latest effort was front-and-center at the gig’s start with “Out of Style” and “Dirty Rotten Bizkit” keeping the groove on, and “Pill Popper” making its live debut.

There was, of course, time for the nu metal hits that the band topped the charts with, with the likes of “Nookie”, “My Way”, and “Break Stuff” making the rounds.

You can watch footage of the show, as well as the full setlist below:


  1. Dad Vibes
  2. Out of Style
  3. Dirty Rotten Bizkit
  4. Pill Popper
  5. Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)
  6. Hot Dog
  7. My Way
  8. My Generation
  9. Livin’ It Up
  10. Nookie
  11. Full Nelson
  12. Thieves (Ministry cover)
  13. Faith (George Michael cover)
  14. Take a Look Around
  15. Break Stuff

The band had previously suffered some sound problems at their first 2022 show with Fred Durst saying he can’t hear. Wes Borland wrote, “Thanks Mexico City! Not the easiest show to get through due to some monitor issues (but nothing to do with our monitor engineer @joe.standen who is an absolute legend) when we fly in to one off festivals without a sound check it can be pretty wild! We still had fun and played several new songs for the first time ever. I also used a brand new @officialjacksonguitars custom Rhodes V for the first time live. Muchas gracias for all the love we received! See ya next time. #limpbizkit.”

Snot guitarist Mikey Doling recently heavily lambasted Limp Bizkit. The band was slammed for agreeing to take the rap artist $NOT out as one of the support acts on its spring 2022 tour.