Linkin Park Singer Chester Bennington’s Widow Says ‘F*ck Depression’


Talinda Bennington is continuing to raise awareness for depression and suicide prevention awareness following the death of her husband, late Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington. Over the last couple of days she has been communicating with fans with the #FuckDepression hashtag.

A fan named Samantha wrote to her, “I am going to #MakeChesterProud by seeking help and the treatment I need for my mental health. Appointment on Tuesday! ❤️ I will try hard…”

Talinda responded, “If my husband’s death saves one life, then it’s not in vain.”

Alessia wrote to Talinda, “I will fight my demons for him. I won’t lose. He’s by my side. Honestly, fuck depression. #MakeChesterProud”

Talinda responded, “We should make that a hashtag ? Chester would’ve loved it #fuckdepression.”

Surbhi wrote to Talinda, “TALINDA!!! GIRL!!!! BE STRONG!!! IM DEPRESSED TOO!! SUICIDAL!! BUT I WONT DO THAT BC I LOVE CHESTER #Makechesterproud”

Talinda responded, “You’re loved … reach out for help.”

Citri wrote to Talinda, “@TalindaB I’m currently struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts. Thank you for retweeting useful resources tonight. #FuckDepression”

Talinda responded, “You are so loved.”

Isabel wrote to Talinda, “OK so I’m in high school now so everytime I have a bad day I’m gonna think of #fuckdepression and I’ll come home and try to draw for Chester.”

Talinda responded, “That’s the way❤️”

Aleksandra wrote to Talinda, “I wish I could say #fuckdepression . Last year I tried to take my own life and sometimes I regret I didn’t succeed.”

Talinda responded, “LP family,… let’s let Aleksandra know she is loved & matters!”

Chellur wrote to Talinda, “I don’t even have the strength to get out of bed, my heart, head, and body ache and are in so much pain. #fuckdepression”

Talinda responded, “LP family-let’s lift her up. She is worthy! #fuckdepression #MakeChesterProudTalinda.”

Samantha, Alessia, Surbhi, Citri, Isabel, Aleksandra, and Chellur, you are all loved. Fuck depression!