Linkin Park Make Massive 2022 Announcement


Linkin Park have still been able to keep their fanbase engaged even with the unfortunate loss of their lead singer in 2017, Chester Bennington. The fans of the band have been unwavering, which is what any band would dream to have after such a horrible blow to the legacy. With the formation missing a huge piece to their puzzle, they must now come up with, somewhat of a resolution to keep the fans they love so much tapped into their world for years to come.

Some would expect that the current lineup would release NFTs as the NFT boom continues to head heavily into the mainstream. However, this is not the case or the plan that the remaining members have for those who continue to follow them. In fact, the band are taking a path that is not only more of a dated one, but one that would seem somewhat commonplace for musicians at this point in time.

With social media being the focal point of any successful artist, business, or influencer in the current era, one would think that showing behind the scenes footage would be something that is a given. Linkin Park do not seem to feel this way as they released a statement which mentioned that the band, going forward, will be showing a glimpse into their daily lives, routine, and of course – more behind the scenes footage.

Below, is a statement released by the band in which they note everything they are looking forward to start doing for those who continue to follow them. Taking a quick look over it, it seems that while this idea is something they would like to dive into – they are not fully sure of it yet as they continue to hash out anything that needs to be hashed out before they start releasing the mentioned moments.


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