Eddie Vedder Reveals Truth About Taylor Hawkins


Eddie Vedder stopped during Pearl Jam’s show in San Diego, Sea reports on the Ten Club board, to talk about the drummers recently lost and the one that hit the band the hardest being Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins who was close friends with Matt. Ed says all the lights here wouldn’t be as bright as what shined from Taylor and that this gives Ed an opportunity to let Matt know how much they appreciate him. Dave Grohl was just spotted with Taylor Hawkins’ widow in a photo.

Airblue1 posted, “Like many have been doing this a long time. This was not your normal rec show. This was a show full of emotions. Ed could have sang the itsy bitsy spider and it would have been awesome. It has been a long time since we have had these emotions and everyone seemed to let loose. The band provided that for us, as well as, themselves. It felt like the family was back together. Like being at the Vedder house for a sing-a-long. Such a personal show on so many levels. Now the next two shows in LA I am going to critique setlist, costumes, and pic design, Love to all!!! BTW I kinda need a ticket for the LA shows??”

HailHailVitalogy said, “Short set but they ‘played’ 2 hours 40 minutes; mostly because Ed did not stop talking tonight…probably the wine.

Not a fan of the set list but I thought Eddie sounded the best he has in years! And the standing ovation by the crowd at the beginning of the show was awesome. The crowd was basically welcoming PJ back from the pandemic. Hoping tonight’s setlist was a ‘rehearsal show’ Great small arena.”