Greta Van Fleet Fired Member Breaks Silence


Former Greta Van Fleet manager Michael Barbee revealed a rare quote from former drummer Kyle Hauck during an exclusive conversation with Alternative Nation. Barbee previously revealed why Greta Van Fleet fired their original drummer.

Barbee discussed how he he first discovered Greta Van Fleet and that he almost left the first show he saw them at thinking they: “didn’t know anything about rock and roll.”

Barbee: Absolutely. Absolutely since day 1. When I saw Greta, it was at a BBQ, and I didn’t want to go to this BBQ, but I ended up going. When I got there I almost left because it was a bunch of kids. I was like “They don’t know nothing about rock and roll.” Then they set up and they played and the first song. It was either a Cream song or Crossroads by Eric Clapton, I can’t remember exactly, but there was something about it, it was so good. I just went and sat down. I started to text people I knew and I was like “This is it. These guys have it.”

I approached their drummer at the time, and I said “Hey, I wanna work with you guys. Like, management or something like that.” I thought they were in some kind of developmental program because they were that good. He goes, “No. I want to tell you something.” I go, “What’s that?” and he says, “We’re pretty colorful kids and our colors don’t run.” and it floored me. I’m like, “These kids are confident. They were sure of themselves and it made me more sure of them.”

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