Listen To Eddie Vedder’s New Song “Bryzzo”


Eddie Vedder has been commissioned with penning a new jingle for Chicago upstart, the Bryzzo Souvenir Company.

Last season, Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo decided to go into business, the souvenir business, and the Bryzzo Souvenir Company was born. After a storybook year that included the Chicago Cubs’ first World Championship in 108 years – and of course, bringing fans the home run balls they deserve – the entrepreneurs are thinking about only one thing in 2017 – expansion.

Growing the Bryzzo Souvenir Company means hard work, new employees, and wider circulation of their product. Bryant and Rizzo looked to teammates and long-time supporters to help expand their operations. An early supporter of the upstart company, Vedder was enthusiastic for the opportunity and hopeful his contributions can take the “Bryzzo” brand to the next level.

CLICK HERE to listen to the jingle and get a behind-the-scenes look at some of the upcoming changes at the Bryzzo Souvenir Company.