Weezer Member Reveals Why Vanilla Ice Is A ‘Jerk’


Weezer bassist Scott Shriner discussed seeing the band live before joining the band in 2001 to replace Mikey Welsh, and called Vanilla Ice a ‘jerk’ in a new Gigcity.ca interview.

Shriner recalls, “My friend accurately pitched it to me: ‘They have amazing songs, they look like total dweebs, but their melodies are amazing, and they have these really heavy guitar sections and you’re going to lose your mind.’ So I went, and they were really new. Some of them could play and some of them could not play their instruments, but their songs were fantastic and they had a very unique thing.”

Shriner thought little more of it as he eked his way up the Hollywood music scene. He got a gig with Vanilla Ice – who was in Edmonton last Friday. Shriner tees off when he finds out, “I think the guy’s a jerk. I would say it to his face, and you can tell him I said that. That’s his brand. We did have fun together for a year. It was better than selling shoes, taking out trash or making pizza or whatever I was doing in Hollywood to survive.”

Weezer recently released their latest single “Feels Like Summer,” and they are expected to release a new album this summer.