Listen To AMERA’s Incredible Reimagining Of Cranberries Classic “Zombie”


Without question, the rock and alternative world remains heartbroken following the untimely passing of Dolores O’Riordan. The loss of the beautiful, charismatic front woman of legendary Irish rockers The Cranberries leaves a void in rock and alternative fans around the globe. There has been an outpouring of kind words and fond memories flooding social media while some artists have even gone on to honor her memory and legacy by releasing cover versions of some of her classic tracks.

While a lot of rock bands that attack the material play it fairly up the middle, one such band has provided a riveting, truly unique version of The Cranberries classic track, “Zombie”. Los Angeles based AMERA, an EDM trio strove to create a spellbindingly, jaw-dropping spectacle by tacking the alternative rock classic track. Covering a classic song is no easy feat; for one, you want to do the original song justice. But even more importantly, you want to take the song and make it your own leave your mark on it. AMERA achieves both of these daunting tasks with relative ease here.

Vocalist Brooke Adams posseses a vocal range and ability that will leave you speechless. She hits notes and shifts through vocal passages with such comfort you could conceivably believe she was the song’s author. AMERA take the track’s classic chorus and use that as the focal point of their rendition. The sudden starts and stops coupled with a splash of classic EMD soundscape and hypnotic rhythms get your heart racing; building tension while exploding back into a vocal powerhouse performance leaving fans of the original song satisfied and awe struck.

Fans unfamiliar with EDM will likely find this unique reimagining vibrant and bursting with excitement. The band succeed in truly making a classic track a classic of their own. AMERA have built a solid reputation in large part to their monstrous live performances. They’ve also staked quite the claim across the internet through their various social media sites. If you find that this fantastic version of “Zombie” leaves you wanting more, rest easy. Check out the (self-directed) video for their original composition, “Connected”.  You can also check out AMERA on the links below!