Grammys Disrespect Foo Fighters & Metallica In Disgusting Way


Metallica, Foo Fighters, and rock as a genre have been grossly disrespected by the Grammys, as the genre won’t even get one of their biggest awards televised.

Avenged Sevenfold tweeted on during a Q&A that the Grammy won’t be telecasting “Best Rock Song” this year. Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, Foo Fighters, K. Flay, and Nothing More are nominated for the award.

Run – Foo Fighters

The Stage – Avenged Sevenfold

Atlas, Rise! – Metallica

Blood In the Cut – K.Flay

Go To War – Nothing More

Fans on Metallica’s Reddit are not happy with this news.

Amircod77 posted:

If its not Poping then it can go Fuck it self. Look at the album of the year Nominees. Kendrick Lamars last 2 albums were more hardcore hip-hop but Damn. Has a lot more pop appeal so its getting a lot of praise.

Shit even David Bowie didn’t get nominated for shit till he died.

Grammies aren’t musics biggest night they’re PoPs biggest night.

Metallica doesn’t need that award. We as fans know what’s good. They don’t need an award from a bunch of 5 Years old that think Despacito is one of the best songs ever made LIKE WHAT THE FUCK….

BordroomBimmy posted:

I’m more shocked that they’re voting for actual rock bands this time around instead of a hip hop band like 21 Pilots or whatever shit Imagine Dragons is supposed to be.

DrCocktorPHD posted:

Fuck the Grammys and fuck the current music industry. Their definition of art is autotuned and identical sounding shit about how many ho’s you fucked last weekend or how bitchy you are, or partying. Some rap and pop songs cover real topics, but for the most part, it’s shit.