LIVE Member Posts Rape Accusation Before Bush Tour


Former LIVE guitarist Chad Taylor discussed business partner William T. Hynes’ role in the band’s split in a new blog, and how rape allegations against Hynes destroyed the band ahead of a 2019 tour with Bush, “In July 2019, we were days away from launching the ALTimate Tour with LIVE and BUSH. That’s when the disturbing news reached me. My business partner, William T. Hynes, made the front page of the local newspaper, but for all the wrong reasons.

The word rape stood out in the headlines repeating the allegations in the victim’s protection from abuse order. According to the filing, her boss, Bill Hynes, had physically and financially abused the young woman with whom he began a sexual relationship when she was only 20 or 21.”

He later quoted the victim in court, “I suffered from a paranoia of living trauma — because when someone is stalking you — it’s always there. I moved to another state to try to get away from this person only to see them following me on the highway. You could not snuff out my light, although you tried to, and I truly believe it’s going to shine brighter than ever before because of my faith,” the victim said. “You might think you got away with it, and you might think you might have won, but you should be fearful of what happens if you choose to remain the same person you are.”