Live Reveal Why It’s ‘Strange’ They’re Not From Seattle Grunge Scene


Ed Kowalczyk discussed Live not fitting in with the Seattle Grunge scene in a new interview with Consequence of Sound.

“We were sort of an odd band from Pennsylvania, but we had really amazing support from people that popped up. Peter Gabriel put us on the WOMAD tour, and I remember standing there during “Operation Spirit”, and I looked over, and Peter was watching the entire show. I thought, “Oh, my god, that’s Peter Gabriel, and he’s watching our whole show.” It was moments like that where I knew we had something.

But it was strange that we weren’t from Seattle; I remember that coming up all the time. But yeah, there were moments like that, like the WOMAD thing; Bruce Springsteen said to Rolling Stone that I had a great voice. We got this inspiration from places that we didn’t necessarily expect it to come from, but then again I was this huge Peter Gabriel fan and I always felt a resonance with his art, but I wouldn’t have expected him to watch an entire show and put us on tour.”

He also remembered touring with the Ramones, “All of the Ramones gathered us in the dressing room in one of these clubs that was in Canada, and they actually gave us these trophies that they bought from a yard sale that day because we were louder than them. They gave us “Louder than the Ramones” trophies, and we were like, ‘Damn, we didn’t realize that we were that loud.’ But it was pretty funny.