Marilyn Manson Accused Of Being Nazi By Actress


Evan Rachel Wood has made some bold claims about Marilyn Manson. It was claimed that Manson had “always said that Hitler was the first rock star”. The new two-part documentary Phoenix Rising outlines the Westworld star’s allegations against the musician. Part one premiered at Sundance Film Festival on Sunday (23 January).

Marilyn Manson receives allegations

In the documentary, Wood alleged that Manson had an obsession with Hitler as he thought he “was stylish, well spoken and knew how to manipulate the masses to do what he wanted”. Wood at the age of 38, began dating Manson when she was 18 and it was said that she thought the Nazi paraphernalia and imagery Manson used on stage “was ironic”, adding: “I though his whole spiel was taking the images of Hitler and spinning it on its head. I thought it was a commentary on Nazism.”

She further said that Manson would “make fun” of her for being Jewish and, “throughout the course of our relationship… started to get multiple swastika tattoos”. Wood was then noted to be alleging that: “At one point, on the side of the bed where I slept, he wrote ‘Kill all the Jews’ on our bedroom wall.”

She states in the documentary: “Things like that are not ironic anymore. At what point are you doing a commentary and at what point are you just a Nazi?”

Elsewhere in the two-part documentary, directed by Amy J Berg, Wood accused Manson of “essentially [raping her] on-camera” during the filming of his 2007 video for “Heart-Shaped Glasses”. Wood has also accused Manson of abusing her “for years”, after she became involved with him when she was 18 and he was 38, between 2006 to 2011. However, Manson has denied all claims of abuse, calling them “horrible distortions of reality”. 

We will keep you updated when more details are released about the matter.