Motley Crue Icon Rips Rock Hall of Fame: ‘I Won’t Go’


Former Motley Crue singer John Corabi ripped the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for snubbing many big names in emotional new posts on social media. A Motley Crue member revealed embarrassing ‘bloated’ photos a few days ago.

“I’m extremely happy to see Thin Lizzy, Motörhead, and Judas Priest get nominated to go into the HOF!!! But, the fact that it took so long for this, and for Yes, Chicago, Deep Purple and Kiss to get in is SHAMEFUL!!!!

Also, I sit here to this day wondering if the voting board (Rolling Stone magazine) will ever get their pompous heads out of their collective asses and nominate GRAND FUNK RAILROAD??? (Over 25 million records sold, sold out concerts, and at one time as popular as Zeppelin.) I find this to be a TOTAL crime, as the voting isn’t about what WE embraced, but what ROLLING STONE thought was cool….HOF,….GO F**K YOURSELF!!!!”

He later added, “As a follow up to my HALL OF SHAME post the other day…read this pathetic list of amazing music that’s still waiting to get in…SHAMEFUL!!!! It’s unbelievable the list of bands that have been ‘SNUBBED.'”

A fan commented, “I Think 1994 Crüe should get in!!!!” Corabi responded, “When HELL freezes over…and if it did happen….I WOULD NOT GO….”

Another fan chimed in, “The Rolling Stone founder is out and the new guy claims he’s gonna right some wrongs.” Corabi responded, “We’ll see….There’s a lot of ‘wrongs’ to correct.”

One more fan said, “Zeppelin sold over 350 Million albums and they were nominated 9 yrs ago…they were retired for 20 yrs by then, that said, Deep Purple not in is kind of .. well… ridiculous!” Corabi shot back, “They are in but not until 2 years ago???” Motley Crue singer Vince Neil was photographed eating cake before the reunion tour a few days ago.