Machine Gun Kelly & Sandra Bullock Bombshell Leaks


The stories just don’t stop with Machine Gun Kelly. Throughout his career, he has been known not only for his music that transcends multiple genres, but also for his antics that he has boasted to the world since his ‘Wild Boy’ days. Due to the amount of fame that Machine Gun Kelly has been able to reach – he has been able to rub shoulders with the best of the best in the music and film industry. Could his shoulder rubbing be getting a bit too close?

With the appearance of Machine Gun Kelly via The Tonight Show with Jimmy Falon; a lot was said between the two. In the conversation outside of music, Machine Gun Kelly spoke about a story where he was with his friend and fellow megastar, Pete Davidson. As far as the story went at that point; it all made sense as the two are very close friends.

The story started taking a very odd turn when Machine Gun Kelly brought Sandra Bullock into the storyline.

All of this to be said that Machine Gun Kelly was pulling a prank on his longtime friend, Pete Davidson. For Pete, he thought that Machine Gun Kelly was just inviting him to a regular, all out, party. This wasn’t the case. As Machine Gun Kelly said, he called up Pete and gave him the address, but he left out that they were going to meet up at Bullock’s house.

Machine Gun Kelly stated the following about that night: “There was this one Easter where I was like, ‘Hey, Pete, you gotta come, let’s go to my friend’s house for Easter,’” he said. “He pulled up and he had ‘forties,’ and he was like, ‘Let’s do this thing!’ And we went and it was Sandra Bullock’s house, and we walked in and it was, like, Jen Aniston and all these (people) … And Pete was like, ‘Why would you do this to me, we look so stupid, like we have 40 ounces and we’re at Sandra Bullock’s. Why didn’t you tell me this was where we were going?’”