Madonna Looks Unrecognizable In Grammys Video

Madonna looked unrecognizable to Grammys viewers who hadn’t seen her awhile, as seen in a video below.

Madonna has made it big – again. The former queen of pop now well into her 60’s has been attempting to crawl (and in some cases she has) her way back into the spotlight. Instead of focusing on being a mom or grandmother, Madonna is hitting TikTok. This week, the mad cap gal decided to pay tribute to another singer who eerily resembles Madonna in more ways than just appearance. Who are we talking about?

According to NME, Madonna joined in with the viral TikTok trend started by Netflix’s hit series Wednesday.

The former Queen of Pop is the latest celebrity to recreate the titular character’s dance from episode four of the TV show, set to Lady Gaga‘s 2011 hit ‘Bloody Mary’.

The clip is especially significant considering the two singers’ past history in which they spent much of the 2010s feuding. Madonna previously labelled Gaga as “reductive” in 2012 when it was suggested to her that Gaga’s hit ‘Born This Way’ was heavily influenced by Madonna’s 1989 song ‘Express Yourself’.

Later, in 2018, Madonna claimed that Lady Gaga had ripped off one of her quotes for the press tour of her film A Star Is Born.

Gaga also commented, “We love you M”, on another of Madonna’s recent TikToks in which Madonna thanked fans for their support after she announced her 40th anniversary ‘Celebration’ tour.

Clink on the link to view Madonna’s TikTok dance below: